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AntiDysentery c.2011

The AntiDysentery is a Mutant Vehicle built for Burning Man in 2011. Fabricated in Murphys, California by Scott Schipper. It currently sports six flame cannons at an estimated 1,200,000 btu's, multiple wireless connectivity and over 2,500 led lights.

Years Attended:

  • 2011 - Rites of Passage
  • 2012 - Fertility 2.0
  • 2014 - Caravansary
  • 2015 - Carnival of Mirrors
  • 2017 - Radical Ritual
  • 2018 - I, Robot


Sometime around 2009, my wife said to me, "Honey, why don't we just go to Burning Man." Hmmm I thought. So I did my homework. It seems to be a bicycle community in the desert, and my fair skinned wife cannot ride a bike. Problem solved, make a Mutant Vehicle. During the application process it asks you if you want a Day or Night license, or a Fire license. Eyes opened wide, I clicked Fire License. What a ride it has been.



  • Club Car II Utility Golf Cart
  • 8hp Gas engine
  • 80 Amp Racing Alternator
  • Dual Battery
  • Drive-by-Stick


  • 2,500 APA102 addressable light powered by Teensy 3.2
  • Six Lanterns and various LED lighting powered by 12v Light-O-Rama control board


  • Five 1/2" solenoid controlled cannons
  • 3/4" manual cannon
  • Two 30# propane supply tanks
  • 20# accumulator


  • Driving controls moved to the front
  • Xbee radio for remote fire
  • Wifi webserver for remote control of lights and fire
  • Bluetooth sound system
  • Arduino Mega powered control panel
  • GPS logging with real-time street location



  • First year at Burning Man. It took three days to assemble.
  • Single flame cannon, just a pipe sticking out of a BBQ propane tank.
  • Wednesday afternoon the Wagon dies. Overloaded with 8 people, the engine electrical caught fire and welded the brake lines solid. After a quick fix it ran rest of the week without brakes.
  • EL Wire for lighting. DMV denied the night license. After a call to the default world, four fog lights were attached to the outside and DMV said they would pass it, being it's Friday night, and it was my virgin year on playa.


  • Flame Cannon got an upgrade in the form of an accumulator.
  • Lights were upgraded to include 300ft of LED rope light, controlled by a Light-O-Rama board. The wagon was programmed to blink in time to the music. This proved useless on Playa, you could not hear the music from the wagon.


  • Flame Cannon got upgraded to 5 cannons controlled by a Netduino and XBee Radio control.
  • The frame was completely rebuilt using 1/2" black pipe, replacing the old 1/2" EMT.
  • Made a 4 second cameo on the reality show Hotel Hell with Gordon Ramsey.


  • Rope light replaced with 40 meters of APA102 addressable lights.
  • 80 amp racing alternator was added to the engine, effectively cutting the available horsepower from 8 to 3.
  • Hot water bath was added to the LP supply tank.
  • Rear tire fell off, a quick trip to Reno and it now has four new tires.


  • The canvas was replaced and mounted on a modular system.


  • Flame controls were improved with a new laser-cut control panel.
  • Additional remote was added with the addition of the ESP32 running a webserver giving total control over WiFi.
  • GPS was added and the wagon now tells the location within the city and logs the GPS data.
  • 3/4" flame cannon was added with a manual valve along with an additional LP supply tank.


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