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Peruvian/American Queer art creator, Dicapria, paints cosmic fantasy dimensions mixed with alchemic/geometric symbol line work using acrylic paints, gummie bear mandalas as light installations and large scale outer space street art pieces. She is inspired by subconscious dream journeying and waking-life nomadic life.

For ten years, she worked as a freelance artist mainly doing theatre design work, scenic painting, props, and puppets in Florida, NYC, Utah, and California. In 2012, she started focusing on her own art series and took to the road for most of 2013-2016, traveling (mostly) solo throughout the U.S. in a 1971 campervan which have inspired the next painting series. Currently she is focusing on building large scale art installations and installing them throughout the country.

She currently resides in the Oakland, California.

Works at BRC