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Dr. Carl's Collection of Departments was forged in 2005 out of a necessity to do more than camp under a parachute next to a car.

2005 : Dr. Carl's House of Head Shrinkin'

Burning Man Theme: The Psyche

The founding year of Dr. Carl's. We offered a couch and a camper who would listen to your problems and offer you (most likely bad) advice. There are no doctors at Dr. Carl's.

2006 thru 2015 : Dr. Carl's Department of Collections

The original plan was to keep the "Dr. Carl's" part of our name and change the rest based on what the camp was doing that year. The Department of Collections was a scavenger hunt of sorts. We built a 9' x 16' wall on which hung rectangular tiles with various things, actions or types of people written on them. If you brought us the thing or did the thing or were one of that type of person you won a semi-fabulous prize. This concept proved to be popular among our campers and the citizens alike. Thus, Dr. Carl's Department of Collections continued on in a similar fashion for 10 years.

2016 : Dr. Carl's Department of Recollection

After so many years of the scavenger hunt concept we just had to mix it up. Keeping the camp infrastructure we created a large memory style game that could be played by a single group or in Vs. mode. Turns out, one tile had no match and there was no way to win because we found that amusing.

2017 : Dr. Carl's Department of Remote Controlled Danger

Remote control art cars were crafted and driven around a loose "track" type area. Participants were encouraged to join in and and race each other or just chase pedestrians down the street. We were a small but hilarious camp this year.

2018: Dr. Carl's Collection of Departments

In an effort to keep it interesting we've begun to bring a collection of different interactive elements to our camp. Some of the departments included: Dumpster Dive Bar, "Let's Talk..." talks, a throwback to our original Dept. of Collections, a place to play Go, and more remote controlled danger.