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Photo by Enrique Abreu

Heavy Meta is a 30’ long, 19’ tall metallic dragon vehicle with interactive fire, sound, kinetic, and light components. Built atop a GM bus, the project is entirely designed and fabricated in Toronto. Its skin is clad in hand-cut, hand-welded sheet metal, and its wings and mouth articulate and shoot fire. Destined for Burning Man, and located in Toronto when not on tour around North America, Heavy Meta is Canada's largest art car. It has appeared at music festivals, Maker Faires, and regional burns in New York, Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The art car was designed by Marie Poliak, a Toronto based artist who also did the creative direction for The Prodigal Swan.

Project Lead: Kevin Bracken

Fabrication Lead: Matt Von Wilde

Key build contributors: Patrick Vipond, Stacy Campbell, Seth Hardy, Christiane Yerex, Ellis Briery, Coleston Pluzak


Founded in 2017 by Kevin, Marie and Matt, Heavy Meta set out to be Toronto's first large scale art car. Heavy Meta made its debut appearance at Hyperborea - an Ontario regional burn. Heavy Meta 2.0 appeared at Burning Man 2018 with new retractable wings funded in part by art grants from Hyperborea and Lakes of Fire 2018. The project also appeared at Burning man 2019.

Special thanks to the dragon family: Dani Cullimore, Petro Vesna, Site 3 Fire Arts, Ryan Wilson, Dustin T. Hoffman, Jamie Chebodiac, Alex Gold, Nikki sin, Austin Simpson, Chris Polley, Roxy Nobles, Travis Johnson, Lolita Devlin, Olivia Coombe, Alina Dee, Jillian Jaret, Dian Carlo, Geordie, Lindsay Millard, Priya Sarin, Jordan Snyder, Oz Carroll, Caspar Cash, Simon Plashkes, Mikale Pilgrim, Pavel Tchourliaev, Brian Dunseith, Miruna Toma, David Fradkin, Matt Languay, Patrick Brambley, Dasha Pyat, Patrick Leckie, Ryan Smythe, Laura Brien, Jesse Train, Emma Duggan, Ben Retan, Andrea Shehara, Jacqueline Fernandez, Tamara Moskaliuk, Jay Ould, Christine Irving, Mell Barry, Sam Jarvis, Darryn Coleman, Qais JD, Jesse Champagne, Marina Izvekova, Ryan Wemyss, Maaor Ziv, Tim Sandik, Darcy Holt, Brittany Wharton, Sofia Timkovski, Dustin Nantais, Air`leth Aodhfin, Mike Dineen, JELO, George Hatiras, Robb G, Stephan Larose, Thomas Cardin, Kelly Peters, Chris Bowman, Michael Binczarowski and Kevin's mom.

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