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Entrance to the HeeBeeGeeBee Healers main healing space, taken in 2004

The HeeBeeGeeBee Healers have been a fixture at Burning Man since 1999, offering a variety of healing modalities (such as massage, energy work, and acupuncture), yoga, and a variety of classes to the participants of Black Rock City.


The camp was founded in 1999 by Michael Moss, though it has been managed by a variety of other people in the years since he stepped down in 2006.

The camp's name was inspired by the words of a former girlfriend who, when Michael started getting interested in those modalities, declared that it was all "just a little too heebeegeebee for me!"


The camp is organized under the principles of community, shared effort, and "many hands make light work". All members of the camp pay dues which help cover the costs of shared infrastructure, group meals, and so forth. Camp members work together ahead of time to prepare and freeze the shared meals that are a hallmark of the camp's kitchen.

Each camp member is expected to contribute a certain number of hours every day on playa. Those members who practice the healing arts may contribute those hours by working on those members of the Burning Man community who visit, while other members may contribute by helping to run the healing space, preparing food in the kitchen, helping keep the camp free of MOOP, or a variety of other tasks.

In addition to those healers who camp with the HeeBees, the camp also welcomes a number of "guest" healers from all over the playa who volunteer their services in the main healing space.


The official HeeBeeGeeBee Healers website.