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Photo by Luc Asbury
Photo by Cliff Baise

ICARUS is a gigantic mobile art car spaceship.


Icarus is the collective art project of Brandon Robinson, Evan (EZ) Kushin, and Ilya Polyakov. Icarus is the largest community built and funded mutant vehicle on the playa. Close to 100 volunteers have worked on Icarus in various aspects in Philadelphia, Brooklyn, San Francisco and Oakland, CA.

Base Vehicle & Modifications

Icarus was built off of a surplus military aircraft loader, 1986 Emerson 25K K Loader. All designs were done in CAD and fabricated in Philadelphia, PA in 2014. The entire walk-able structure can be raised 14 ft., and included the added second level, passengers are standing 21 ft off the ground. Passengers enter via a deploy-able ramp in the at and a pneumatic retractable staircase in the bow.


  • Load Weight Capacity:
  • Rider Capacity:
  • Height when collapsed:
  • Height when extended:
  • Length:
  • Width: