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Welcome to

Satellite image of August 30th, 2012 from the Ikonos

Your community curated destination for all things Black Rock City.



You may be wondering, why do we need a BRC wiki? Some answers:

  • This content it not created or managed by any one individual, because of that it can be the most prolific source of information on the web.
  • It is community managed and can't be censored as easily. I do suspect that there may be some misinformation, but we'll do our best to cite our sources!
  • There are often two sides to every story, this format will let us all express our side in one cohesive format.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Many pages are deemed to be incomplete, please work on filling them out.

Rules of the Road

  • Don't create a page for yourself — instead fill out your User Page (access via clicking your name in the top menu).
  • Don't try and sell things. Write in an unbiased tone and present as many facts as possible (think NPR).
  • Do Add the category tag: [[Category:Incomplete Pages]] to pages which are short and could use more information.
  • Do Upload supporting media, or include Youtube videos. Images uploaded to the Wiki must include citations for the original photographer.
  • Do Create pages about things you know or care a lot about!
  • Do Notify the administrators if you suspect someone is trolling.

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