Midnight Poutine

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Midnight Poutine Logo

Midnight Poutine is the largest theme camp from Montreal, Canada and is known for serving poutine (a Canadian comfort food made from French fries, cheese curds and hot gravy) every night of Burning Man at midnight.

Hundreds of people line up each night to get the delicious meal, and are treated to québécois folk music and live performances while they wait.

The potatoes used are Yukon Gold potatoes; no other potato is acceptable, and participants often get to press their own potatoes in line to receive a dish. Québécois pride themselves on “squeaky” cheese curds, meaning they make a squeaking noise when you rub them against your teeth. Both beef and vegetarian gravy is available.

Midnight Poutine can also be found at regional burns such as Hyperborea and Firefly, as well as Montreal Decompression, taBURNak.