Night at the Climb In (shish-car-bob)

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Night at the Climb In, led by Dustin Weatherford, was a tower of junk cars skewered on a steel pole which participants could climb up, ultimately finding themselves in either a RV trailer or a crows nest (depending on how brave they were). Many builders expected the piece to close early in event week to the possibility of injury, and indeed the piece was closed before Wednesday.[1]


  • Max climbing height: 60'
  • 7 cars, 1 trailer
  • 1 crows nest
  • Ground-level neon sign created by Smoke Daddy, the artist who does the neon for the man.
  • Propane poofers at the end of the skewer (not featured in photo).


Night at the Climb In was closed on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning of event week.[2]

Lead artist Dustin Weatherford commenting: “I hope they’re ok.”, after previously being quoted as saying “I like the idea of freedom”[3]