Orgy Dome

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Queue to enter the Dome

Orgy Dome is organized by the ...and then there's only LOVE camp[1] from Sacramento, CA[2]. Despite the name, the Orgy Dome is a rectangular shade structure of about 4000 sq.ft. (370 sq.m.)[3], decorated with drapes and mood lighting, and filled with dozens of mattresses. It is divided into four areas:

  • lobby, where visitors are issued numbered wristbands and given a lecture on consent
  • waiting area, where visitors await their turn to get into the main areas
  • "Just us" area, where interaction (talking, watching, joining) with others is not welcome
  • "Ready for more" area, where it is okay to join others in sexual activity (provided consent is asked and given)

Main rules of Orgy Dome are:

  • everyone has to be briefed on consensual interactions
  • no phones, cameras or recording devices allowed
  • singles are not allowed; you must visit as a couple, threesome, foursome or moresome