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Porta Party first emerged in 2013 and was first placed in 2014. The name derives from our remote controlled United porta potty aka "Baby" that drives around interacting with people. Shortly after the camp grew to more than 100 burners we came up with the idea of gifting food as well. So we built a wood burning fire brick oven and started serving pizzas on the playa. After two years of doing the camp grew to 172 people and built a art car called Hel's Diner.

Porta Party is made up of an all star international burner crowd. We literally have people who are from and come from all over the world. Every year we seem to attract more virgin burners as well. In 2019 we will downsize to no more than 150 campers and add gourmet veggie potstickers to our menu.

Porta Party Specs

The Porta Party aka "Baby" is a real porta potty from the company UNITED. The inside is gutted so it only looks like one from the outside. The main drive train is a pair of motors from a electric wheel chair. Combined with RC technology the whole thing can be remotely controlled from a Spektrum DX6. The inside is a network of steel tubing, wires, electronics and batteries with the addition of a remote speaker sound system, air horn and solar pane. It's first year, it had a bubble machine as well but that proved to be a no go since dust would get into the bubble juice and not work so great after a while. The bubble machine also used 110v so it needed a power inverter that in turn would drain the batteries quicker. But the main draw is the air compressor for the train horns.

Here is link of Baby in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH5j9VHSaQI