Rhino Redemption

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Photo taken by Scott London
Photo from www.autonet.ca

Rhino Redemption is an art car that was built by Reared in Steel for Burning Man in 2014. It can hold 20 people comfortably and blows fire from its horn. It was fabricated in Petaluma California.

In 2014 a kickstarter was run to help raise funds for the car.

Base Vehicle

Rhino Redemption is built on a '74 Chevy Pick-up. The motor was moved from the engine bay in the cab to to the mid-drive behind the front wheels. It is accessible from the interior "belly" of the vehicle. The truck is always driving in 4x4 mode due to modifications to the drivetrain.



Rhino Redemption started with an idea, as all good things do. Kevin wanted to tow a custom made, stylized trailer around with a Rhino. He didn't have either, so he'd have to build both. The trailer was created, and taken to Burning Man, but was not pulled around by the Rhino on open playa, instead staying at camp.

Original Concept Art
Rhino redemption concept2.jpg


The Rhino was originally created in 1 year, it's skin is formed from plasma-cut 16g sheet metal. 98% of the sheet metal was hand-formed to create the skin, except for the wheel-covers which were fabricated with a powerhammer. When it first went to burning man it was more or less still metallic looking, without much corrosion. By 2018 it became fully covered in corrosion.