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Photo Enrique Castro, 2014

Rocket Luna is a mutant vehicle currently owned by Andrew Renz. It is notorious for mesmerizing groups of onlookers with its LED lighting at night. Elton John's "Rocket Man" and David Bowie's "Space Oddity" can be heard regularly.

Base Vehicle

Rocket Luna is built on a '86 Yamaha G2 gasoline golf kart.


It was originally fabricated in Sacramento, California for Burning Man 2007 by (creator unknown). It was purchased on Craigslist Sacramento by Andrew in 2010. In 2013 the red/yellow lighting scheme was deemed too similar to emergency vehicles by the DMV. This prompted Andrew to reinvent Luna into its current RGB led "light show" form in 2014.


Luna was originally created from 1/4" hot-roll steel rod and covered with canvas. In 2014, the steel exoskeleton was significantly augmented by Andrew: New removable wings, new hinged nose cone and supporting structure, and mounting provisions for LED lighting were fabricated. The rear was reconstructed to incorporate wakeboard "rocket booster" speakers and a "main rocket engine" 2x12" ported subwoofer enclosure. An "aviation cockpit" dashboard was fabricated to house electronics in an airtight cabinet.


Rocket Luna was purchased with incandescent yellow and red rope lights. Luna has two 800 pixel 16x50 WS2811 bullet LED matrix displays, one on each side. Both are driven by an Advatek Pixlite-16 controller with live patterns generated by LEDLabs by Christopher Schardt on dash-mounted iPad Air 2. The nose cone comprises two 400 WS2112b pixel strips driven by Advatek Pixlite-4 controllers with patterns generated by LEDLabs on a separate iPad or by a Raspberry Pi using the bibliopixel python library.