The Janky Barge

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The Janky Barge, Burning Man 2016
The Janky Barge, Burning Man 2009
The Janky Barge, Burning Man 2014

The Janky Barge is a San Francisco based mutant vehicle which first appeared on the playa in 2007 as "Mr. Janky" before transforming into The Janky Barge for the 2009 burn.


  • 2007
    • Mr. Janky's Playa Debut
  • 2009
    • After an offseason build/rebuild The Janky Barge appears for the first time on playa
  • 2010
    • Small changes, including an updated nose, made for Burning Man 2010
  • 2011
    • New, outward facing amber LED system installed
  • 2014
    • The Janky Barge 2.0 Debuts
    • During the offseason the barge was fully stripped of all external cladding. The crew then added a new exterior skeleton before refinishing and reattaching exterior panels. At the same time the 2011 LEDs were removed and replaced by a new, fully addressable LED system powered by Teensy boards linked by Xbee radio modules. However, due to time and programming constraints, the top-deck LEDs were not functional at the time of the burn, and the Barge ran a rainbow test-pattern most of the week.
  • 2015
    • Largely small, interior improvements
  • 2016
    • Major power and sound upgrades were installed along with a slight update on the nose piece
  • 2017
    • After ten years straight the crew decided to take a break and skipped Burning Man 2017
  • 2018
    • The Janky Barge's triumphant return!

Base Vehicle

The Janky Barge is based on a 1995 Ford B800 chassis with a heavily modified Carpenter school bus body.