The Pier

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The Pier, 2011


The Original pier was dreamt up by Matthew Schultz and had a lot of creative input from Kevan Christiaens, the person that convinced Matt to go to his first burn in 2008. Building in their friend Lindsay's front yard for the second time, along with a group of close friends, The Pier Group was formed, and a 300' pier was created.


In 2017, The Pier was brought back out to playa for another year in a form that closely resembled the original incarnation. Pappy's Master Bait Shop was built for a fourth time, this time with a second story balcony. After burning man 2017, The Pier was taken away by Zac Cirivello to the burning man working ranch, and in May of 2018, core members and friends of The Pier Group were able to permanently install the Pier at Fly Ranch for people to enjoy year round.

Created by The Pier Group, led by Matthew Schultz.