Trash Fence

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Larry Breed building the first trash fence

The orange trash fence is special to many burners for various reasons.

From a boring technical definition, the trash fence servers as the outside boundary for where you can wander within Burning Man. The fence takes the shape of a pentagon, and if you walked all the way around it, you'd have covered nine miles.

The main purpose is to keep trash from blowing across the playa. It works pretty damn well, too.

For many burners, they will need to make at least one trip out to the trash fence just because they can. Wandering deep playa at night can be especially rewarding; there is something magical, romantic and mysterious when you force isolation upon yourself, hearing the deep bass of distant sound camps bring energy to your senses as you stare down the edge of the earth and contemplate your own mortality.

The Daft Punk Joke

Now, for the main reason this article was created.

It is a classic (and timeless) joke at Burning Man that "Daft Punk is playing at the trash fence tonight". New burners will frequently be told that there will be a secret concert taking place at the orange fence (often with made up coordinates and a randomly picked time).

While this has always been a complete joke, just to be super ironic Daft Punk has actually confirmed they WILL be playing at the trash fence during the 2019 burn (midnight Wednesday at point 3). This information is from a reliable source and you should definitely check it out.