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You can clearly identify problems that exist today Patroxidan which can develop into major problems if left untreated. Some common causes can be body injuries suffered during playing or working like back, join and other body injuries that occur during lifting heavy stuff or doing repetitive work like typing etc. Or some accidents or fall etc can lead to chronic problems if not treated and cured in the initial stages.

As your body grows older, it is important to keep it fit and flexible with exercises. Exercises can be light and not necessarily for weight loss but to stretch and improve the flexibility of the body. Yoga and pilates can be very highly recommended for prevention of joint and back pains and aches. Of course maintaining ideal body weight is essential for your health as well as prevents pains and aches from attacking your body frame.

It is worthwhile taking doctor's suggestion to see a physio therapist who can help you with exercises as well as align the spine and adjust the alignment of the body parts and heal. In case you have just had a major surgery, then too physio therapy becomes essential. However there are many conditions and chronic ailments that cannot be identified early and prevented. These could be various cases like cancer, fibromyalgia, tumors etc which can be detected only in advanced stages of growth.