Xylophage I

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Xylophage I was a sculpture created by Flaming Lotus Girls for Burning Man, 2013.


Xylophage is a sculpture of destruction and rebirth. A colossal tree met catastrophe; the remains have given rise to giant fungi. The centerpiece of the installation is the remnant of the massive tree trunk, standing 20′ high and 20’ across. Two splits in the stump reveal its hollow interior, where benches along the inner wall makes for an intimate space. Groups of small mushrooms grow along the inside, fire rolling within the caps. Five mushrooms surround the giant stump. Two are similar, wide stumps twisting towards and away from each other. Their massive caps contain rich waves of fire roiling in the gills, activated by people pushing buttons around the base.

Smaller, delicate looking mushrooms light up with colorful LEDs nestled in within the gills. An alien looking mushroom encloses a parabolic surface overhead, distorting sounds from the surrounding environment.

The dimensions of Xylophage’s footprint can be adapted various spaces. The separate sculptures can be shown in a variety of combinations and iterations, creating a playful and imaginative space.[1]