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Zoa on fire

Zoa was build by Flux Foundation in 2012 at American Steel Studios.


It all begins with a seed. To describe this process Zoa (2012) unfolded in three parts; first, a beautiful, elegant, translucent structure inspired by seedpods rises from the desert floor; next, an awe inspiring mind-week burn; which revealed an unexpected sculptural array hidden within. Three sinuous forms pulse with a fiery glow, seeming to breathe and dance. Two have propane-based interactive effects and one a gently dripping liquid fountain. Ground-level pressure sensors encourage participant interaction and play.[1]


From the Flux website:[2]

  • Mild steel (w/ finish)
  • LED lighting effects
  • Flame effects
  • Height: 25’
  • Footprint: 27’x27’
  • http://www.fluxfoundation.org/zoa/
  • http://www.fluxfoundation.org/zoa/