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Big Imagination Team

The Big Imagination Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.[1] They create large scale, logistically challenging projects at Burning Man.


The crew brought a 747 to Burning Man in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Transporting the plane from Mojave to Gerlach required extensive logistical planning, including shutting down major highways along the way, as well as temporarily removing power lines along the final stretch of road in Gerlach itself.


Big Imagination has long been the center of controversy due to the nature of their project. Its scale is un-ignorable, and many participants have opinions.

After the 2018 event wrapped, Dustin Mosher and another pilot found the camp's 747 art car 12 miles north of Burning Man site location. The airplane had been towed north in order to get it off-playa, but complications delayed their exodus for ~2 weeks.

Airplane stuck in the desert

The camp was beset by two major controversies: claims that the plane was limited to “VIP-only parties” for much of the week (their response: they let in 5,000 people throughout the week), and a claim by the BLM that the plane was squatting on public land, 12 miles away from the event site, after Burning Man’s permit ended.

Big Imagination explained the latter issue by claiming they had secured private land near the event site, but the BLM believed that site was public land. Big Imagination eventually proved the intended storage site was private property, but not before their permit to move it expired. Further complicating their exit strategy was soft ground on the edge of the playa, causing the plane to sink into the ground. It eventually got to its destination with help from DPW, Distrikt, Mayan Warrior and others.

During this time, somebody spray painted “UR MOOP AS FUCK!” on the side, but all words besides MOOP have since been removed.