Bureau of Misinformation

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Misinformation Booth

The Bureau of Misinformation exists to provide incorrect and often silly information to passers by.

Features include:

  1. Misinformation Booth
    • Get lied to, for free!
    • Typical exchange: "Where is the closet porta-potty?" "Just walk that way (points to man), keep walking till you hit an orange fence, climb over and keep going until you see it..."
    • 90% of people get the joke and laugh etc. 10% of people genuinely don't understand and take the misinformation as legit. It is up to the booth volunteer to decide whether to clue them in or not.
  2. Heckling stands
    • A nice set of bleachers facing the street for camp members to heckle passers by with megaphones

The camp is usually located on the 9:00 thoroughfare, anywhere from Esplanade to G.


The Bureau of Misinformation has been on playa since 1956.