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Hel's Diner made it's debut at Burning Man in 2018. The art car is part of the camp "Porta Party". After the 2017 Burn camp lead Kaweh decided to use his 8 times to the burn RV and turn it into a art car. The fabrication process took the entire year and yielded the night license at Burning Man.

Over the course of the build more than 30 camp mates volunteered. Most are from the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay and one from as far as France. In 2018 about 400 pizzas were served at Burning Man alone. In previous years the camp's custom wood fire brick oven was hauled to the playa along iwth a lot of chopped seasoned wood. But with the emergence of Hel's Diner the oven was replaced with a wider propane one that can fit two pizzas side by side and wood moop was down to zero.


Hel's Diner is built on a 1992 Chevy P30 Motorhome (P37) chassis. Although the current state shown in the images will soon change again, the basics are in place. The second floor can hold about 30 people as it did on burn night in 2018 with the landing gear down. The landing gear (one on each corner) is rated for 8000lbs each corner. The rear of the bus has four bar stools on each side that slide out and retract together. 3/16" thick 2" steel tubing is used for all of the main frame connections. The rest, including the second floor and all attaching beams use 1/16" 1" x 2" tubing.

The inside still functions as a RV minus the closet and shower. That is where now the food prepping station is. The 7.4L gas engine was rebuilt 3 years ago. Currently the 4L80E transmission is being rebuilt. In 2018 front & rear suspension was rebuild. This included new front & rear shocks, new 1" oversized coil springs in the front, Air Lift air bags inside the coils with an onboard air compressor, front and rear sway bar bushings, new air bags in the rear with new release valves. At the same time a rear differential service was performed. Hel's Diner should be in tip top shape for 2019. SOUND SYSTEM

The sound system is still evolving as we acquire more funds. In 2018 we had 4 QSC KW181 subwoofers underneath the rear end. Each sub is rated for 2KW peak and 1KW program. The tops were a combination of 2 JBL EON G2 15" powered cabinets and 2 Mackie SRM450. The sound was very clear. A DBX drive rack was behind it all.