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Photo Gillian Bentley, 2015

Scrubby is a larger than life representation of the anthropomorphic bubbles featured in a popular commercial for a bathroom cleaner. Scrubby was built and is owned by Eddy Bullock, debuting on playa in 2015. Built at Bullock's studio in Detroit, MI, Scrubby is known as "Black Rock City's Cleanest Art Car" or "The People's Bubble".

Scrubby has been featured in the annual Burning Man calendar and also holds the distinction of being the only mutant vehicle to be featured on Jay Leno's Garage (4, Episode 3 - "The Motor City"). Scrubby has also been spotted on an episode of Ridiculousness while at a trash fence sunrise party thrown by Charlie the Unicorn.


Base Vehicle


Scrubby started out life as 1950's era industrial fire engine that was built by Kalamazoo Manufacturing which originally served fire protection duties at General Motor's now defunct Pontiac Truck & Bus Plant in Pontiac, MI. It is powered by its original 1950's era Chrysler flathead 6 and 4 speed manual transmission.



Scrubby was conceived on Bullock's ride from Black Rock City back to Detroit, MI. The futile nature of attempting to clean the desert and the dig at the decommodification principle were just the right amount of "je ne sais quoi", in his opinion.

When Bullock returned from Burning Man, he was commissioned to produce metal art work for a corporate client. Flush with cash and an idea for a mutant vehicle, he set to work creating.



Scrubby was designed over a 2 month period using Solidwork, with the actual fabrication lasting approximately 7 months.

His wire frame "bubble top" is constructed of 1/4" solid round bar with a 1/2" x 1/2" x 16ga square tube inner skeleton, consisting of upper and lower halves which are split into 6 sections (12 pieces total) for transportation. There 48 wire frame "brushes" that encircle the bubble top, manufactured from .200" solid round bar. "Scrubby" (the bubble top plus brushes) is mounted onto a custom built screw lift consisting of a 1HP electric motor, right angle gear box and 8' long, 1 1/2" diameter lead screw that allows for assembly and disassembly at a reasonable height.

Scrubby's "skin" is 8oz, 90/10 cotton/polyester, very similar to what T shirts are made from.

Scrubby's eye balls were custom built by Bullock using a hand shaped mold and then formed using a custom and purpose built 6' x 6' vacuum forming table.

In 2017, to comply with the DMV request of obscuring the base vehicle, approximately 35 wire spheres were fabricated, affixed to the base vehicle and then wrapped in fabric.