The Bioluminescent Slug

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The Bioluminescent Slug
Sponsored by Camp High Maintenance
Slug and Mini Slug

The Bioluminescent Slug is a whimsical creature that peacefully wanders the Playa to surprise and delight.


The Slug was created in 2011 by Charlie & Sherri Schmidt, Ray Chipault & Nancy Arron with plenty of help from the Camp High Maintenance. She has attended every Burn since and each year is improved and modified.

In 2019 the Slug underwent an ownership change with Tilt as the new Camp and Slug lead and a collective group of financial owners. Sherri, Nancy and Ray continue to be involved.

In 2019 The Slug will have a new internal frame to speed setup and breakdown, a lounge area and a Sluggle Pit. We will be hosting art tours and be part of BAIT.

In the default world the Slug resides in Woodside CA and is often used for local events, often dressed in a different guise...

Base Vehicle & Modifications

The Slug's base is a 1986 Ford F350 truck with a largely metal frame that supports a large upstairs viewing platform and an internal lounge and rest are.


The Slug shoots fire from its top floor via a 88 gallon capacity accumulator, and the ignition source is a continuous gas feed into a halo which "t's" off of the fuel container. The ignition line is controlled by a 0-20 psi LP regulator, and the accumulator line is controlled by a 0-110 psi LP regulator with a gauge. A 1⁄4-turn ball shut-off valve (600 WOG) is present on each line. The flow of gas from the accumulator is controlled by a 120 VAC Viton Solenoid (0-115 psi). each "poof" is of 10-15 feet in height.


While not a sound car we like to entertain with a modest sound system. Two (2) Mackie Th-12A 400W 2-Way 12" powered Loudspeakers Four (4) Mackie 400W 2-Way 14" powered loudspeakers One (1) Mackie 18" subwoofer


  • Load Weight Capacity: Much
  • Rider Capacity: 50-60
  • Length: 22 Feet
  • Width: 13 Feet
  • Height: 16 Feet